Volunteering at Lick Observatory

The Lick Observatory Volunteers are a dedicated collection of people interested in astronomy and eager to share their enthusiasm for Lick Observatory and the skies above.

A typical Evening With The Stars evening requires 28 or more staff and volunteers – four Public Program Assistants for event set up/tear down and parking, front door staff, gift shop staff, a history talk speaker, a science talk speaker, a Host, a 40” telescope operator, a 40” Control room volunteer, two 36” telescope operators, a science talk videographer, seven or more additional inside volunteers, and four to six outside telescope volunteers. The outside telescope volunteers bring and operate their own personal telescopes.

A typical Music of the Spheres Concert program requires a few additional staff and volunteers – one or two more Public Program Assistants for parking, and a wine glass/coffee mug distributer.

If you are interested in volunteering for the events, please contact our Public Programs Coordinator at volunteer@ucolick.org.