Fire Emergency: The list of immediate needs is growing and our priorities may need to evolve with circumstances. Your gift to the UCO Director’s Discretionary Fund today will provide the flexible support necessary for Director Max to address needs as they arise in this rapidly changing situation.

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FoLO's Future Projects

As they say, the sky's the limit. Lick Observatory's future depends on the excellence of its science and its dedicated community of friends, like you. Together, we can ensure a sustainable future for Lick by refurbishing historical telescopes, building new instruments, and developing new technology.

Membership funds will support future projects including:

  • Building a revolutionary new CCD detector for the Kast Spectrograph on the Shane 120-inch telescope
  • Using the fully-robotic Automated Planet-Finder telescope to fuel the discovery of earth-like planets
  • Building the new Shane Adaptive Optics system, enabling astronomers to capture sharper images than the Hubble Space Telecope
  • Completing major refurbishments to the historic 36-inch Great Refractor will give astronomers and the public enhanced viewing capabilities

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