Schedule and Cost of discontinuing Leap Seconds

On a related web page I have a description of possible consequences and costs of discontinuing leap seconds.

The questions

Leap second surveys of varying complexity have previously been circulated in forums outside of the optical and infrared astronomical community. For simplicity this survey asks only four questions. Responses with more details are welcome. The answers will be summarized for presentation by a representative of the IAU in Torino. The first two questions are particularly relevant, for they have not been asked before:
  1. After the announcement of a change in the nature of civil time, what is the minimum amount of time in which it would be feasible to implement remedies for each telescope?
  2. How much advance notice before the discontinuation of leap seconds would be required in order for the costs of remedy to be absorbed in the natural cycle of maintenance and upgrades?
  3. How much would it cost to modify and verify the operation of each telescope and each observatory system if leap seconds were discontinued with 5 years of advance warning?
  4. May we use the name of the observatory and/or telescope systems when reporting these results?
Please e-mail responses to the address given below.

Thank you.

The results

The results of the survey will be available.
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