Results of Leap Seconds Schedule and Cost

A related web page has survey questions regarding schedule and cost consequences of discontinuing leap seconds which may be incurred by observatories. The results are tallied here.

Minimum feasible time to implement remedy Advance warning needed to absorb remedy costs Cost per telescope system with 5 years warning observatory/telescope identity
a few weeks 8 to 10 months N/A Deep Space Network
maybe 6 months maybe 3 years maybe $10k in hardware
maybe $10k in software
University of Texas
2.7m, HET, MLRS
2 years 10 years $20k Lick Observatory
Shane 3m, Nickel 1m
N/A N/A $50k Keck Observatory
two 10m telescopes
1 year 2 years $10k Owens Valley Radio Observatory
Caltech mm-wave Array, 40m, 5.5m
1 to 2 years 10 years $500k all telescopes at an optical/IR observatory

Steve Allen <>
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