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    Welcome to Lick Observatory
    We are an active research facility
    and a beloved Bay Area icon.
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    Experience the observatory at night.
    Summer Series
    June 2020 - August 2020
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    At the cutting edge since 1888.
    Lick provides UC astronomers
    with world-leading equipment.

Update July 16, 2021

Public Evening Tours and Photography Nights will resume in August.
Tickets to the first series of events sold out in record time. Due to popular demand we have added a second series of Public Evening Tour events. Tickets go on sale July 30th at Noon at Friends of Lick Observatory members may purchase tickets early via a pre-sale starting July 23rd at Noon.

The 2021 Music of the Spheres concert series and Evening with the Stars lecture and viewing series will not be occuring due to ongoing SCU wildfire recovery work. The Visitor Center is currently closed to the public, but outdoor areas of the observatory are open 10am to 4:30pm daily, though parking is extremely limited.

You can donate to our SCU wildfire recovery effort here: - Thanks for all your support.

You can also follow us on social media for updates:
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Lick Observatory is located on the summit of Mount Hamilton, California, roughly 20 miles east of San Jose. The Visitor Center is currently closed due to SCU wildfire recovery work and COVID precautions and regulations.

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We wish all the Lick Observatory ticket holders a wonderful time on Mount Hamilton during our summer evening events :-)


If you make a gift of $50+ to support the Lick Wildfire Relief Efforts before January 1, you will receive a complimentary year membership to Friends of Lick Observatory (FoLO).

AND for the next two weeks (until Dec. 15), the Friends of Lick Observatory membership gift shop discount will be increased to 20%, just in time for holiday shopping! (Members will receive your discount code this week).

Thank you again for your support of the UC Observatories--preserving history and advancing scientific research.

Warmest regards,
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We'd like to thank the FoLO board of directors and the team at the Lick Observatory Gift Shop for these generous opportunities! Recently supported the wildfire relief efforts? --no worries, we have you covered too! We will be in touch soon about your complimentary membership.

Lick Observatory has been at the
forefront of astronomy since 1888.

Lick Observatory was founded thanks to James Lick, an eccentric California millionaire who dreamed of building a "telescope superior to and more powerful than any telescope yet made." What followed was the famous Great Refractor, a feat of engineering and the largest refracting telescope in the world when it was completed in 1888.

Today, Lick serves as an active research facility for astronomers from eight UC astronomy campuses and two national laboratories. At any given time, over 100 observers are pursuing science programs at Lick Observatory.

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Join the Lick Observatory family

The Friends of Lick Observatory (FoLO) membership program offers members an opportunity to participate in the Lick community and enjoy special connections with the telescopes, scientists, and science programs.Benefits include:

  • Opportunity for advance purchase of tickets for Summer Series events
  • 'Lick Observer' newsletter
  • 10% discount on gift shop merchandise
  • And more!
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Donate to Lick Observatory

Since the time of Galileo, astronomy research worldwide has benefited greatly by generous philanthropic support.

For 129 years, Lick Observatory has defined the cutting edge of astronomical research, technological development and public education. Our paramount goal is to continue these pursuits for decades to come. Help us continue our goal and donate today!

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Thank you for your support on GIVING DAY 2017!

UCSC Asst. Professor of Astronomy Ryan Foley and his team of undergraduate student researchers were asking for your support to search for the sources of gravitational wave events with the Nickel telescope at Lick Observatory

Gravitational waves are spectacular ripples through the fabric of space-time originally predicted by Einstein a century ago and finally detected just last year. This discovery is a watershed event for our understanding of the Universe. But we still have so much to do! The next step is detecting light associated with gravitational waves. Our team of undergraduate researchers are performing this search with the Anna L. Nickel telescope at Lick Observatory. This is a unique opportunity for students to participate in cutting-edge research in physics and astronomy. Funding for this project will directly support undergraduate students. We will also upgrade the Nickel operations, increasing our chances of making the next big discovery!

We raised $ 5,932.00 with 51 gifts on UCSC GIVING DAY 2017.

Thank you so much for your support!

Watch the UCSC Giving Day 2017 Thank You video
Lick Observatory

Lick Observatory Self-Guided Walking Tour Fundraising Campaign Exceeds Goal of $10,000 in 24 Hours

May 26, 2016

Lick Observatory

Thanks to our amazing friends and supporters, we reached our fundraising goal for the installation of a self-guided educational walking tour at Lick Observatory. In just 24 hours, we exceeded our $10,000 match to raise $20,455 from 89 gifts as part of the UC Santa Cruz Giving Day.

We're hard at work designing the new walking tour. Here are the benefits to come:

  • Permanent signage at 12 historic locations around Lick Observatory's telescopes and grounds.
  • Walking tour will highlight historical information and scientific achievements for UC and California
  • Walking tour will have educational information to appeal to visitors of all ages
  • Walking tour will improve the visitor experience for 30,000 people who visit every year

For 129 years, Lick Observatory has defined the cutting edge of astronomical research, technological development and public education. Our paramount goal is to continue these pursuits now and well into the future.

Stay tuned for more exciting information about Lick Observatory. Thank YOU for your support.

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