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APF at Lick Observatory Joins Massive Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe. More


Tickets for existing Summer Series are sold out. Tickets for the new event on September 12 will go on sale soon.

Lick Observatory is open year-round Thursday-Sunday, 12-5 p.m. Want to visit? Learn more.

Want to get married under the stars? Visit our new weddings page.

The UCO Focus 2015 newsletter is now available online.

UCO/Lick Observatory is now hiring a Physical Plant Mechanic to work on Mt. Hamilton. Learn More.

More UC Astronomy News

Robert P. Kraft, Astronomer and Former Director of UC Observatories, Dies at Age 87. More

Astronomers Baffled by Discovery of Rare Quasar Quartet. More

Scientists Discover the Fluffiest Galaxies. More

UC Astronomers Set a New Distance Record for Galaxies. More

Astronomers Discover the Dark Matter Conspiracy. More

Astronomers Discover Three Super-Earths Orbiting Nearby Star. More

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Aerial view of Mt. Hamilton by Laurie Hatch

UC Observatories (UCO) is a multicampus research unit that serves eight UC campuses. UCO operates the Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton and the UCO technical labs at UC Santa Cruz and UCLA, and is a managing partner of the W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii. UCO is also the center for the UC participation in the Thirty-Meter Telescope (TMT) project. More.

Featured Stories

ABC7 Covers Research on Lick Observatory's Automated Planet Finder. [Video]

Update from Interim Director Claire Max on Thirty Meter Telescope protests. [Official Statement]

Hear Debra Fischer, professor at Yale, talk about exoplanet research and her support of Lick Observatory.Fischer is one of the world’s leading experts on extrasolar planets. [Astronomy Magazine]

How Claire Max Has Transformed the Capabilities of Current and Future Telescopes. Great profile piece about UC Astronomer Claire Max in Nature Magazine on her passion for astronomy, her revolutionary work in adaptive optics, and the leading role of UC astronomy in developing laser guide stars. [Nature Magazine Article]

Nearby Star First Known to Host Several super-Earths in Habitable Zone: Reanalysis of data from Keck and other observatories combined with data from ESO's HARPS has led to the discovery of the first extrasolar planetary system with potentially habitable super-earths. [Press release]  [Read paper]  [Images & Movies]