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University of California Observatories (UCO)
W.M. Keck Observatory (WMKO)
Thirty-Meter Telescope (TMT)
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Project Council

PCouncil Meeting Minutes 10/12/2013 (PDF 60KB)

PCouncil Meeting Minutes 9/24/2013 (PDF 67KB)

PCouncil Meeting Minutes 9/10/2013 (PDF 68KB)

PCouncil Meeting Minutes 9/3/2013 (PDF 56KB)

PCouncil Meeting Minutes 8/13/2013 (PDF 61KB)


UCO Strategic Plan (October 2013)

Report to UCO Board: FY14 project budget (July 2013)

Report to UCO Board: FY14 plan (June 2013)

Report to UCO Board: FAQ about Lick Observatory (June 2013)

UCO presentation to the UCO Board (May 2013)

UC Investment in Astronomy vs. Other Sciences: A Comparative Cost Analysis (Cost of Astronomy report) (April 2013)

FY14 Budget Request for UC Observatories (April 2013)

Faculty Roles in Managing and Operating the University of California Observatories (April 2013)

UCO presentation to the UCO Board (March 2013)

UCO Portfolio Review Group (February 2013) (1.0 MB pdf)

Keck Portfolio Review Group (February 2013) (257.4 KB pdf)

UCO presentation to the UCO Board (January 2013)

Report of the UCO External Review Committee (August 2011) (8/11, 226.3 KB pdf)

Report of the Astronomy Task Force (AFT) on UC Optical Infrared Astronomy (July 2011) (1.7 MB pdf)

Keck Observatory Annual Reports

Relevant References

What is an Observatory? (3/13 1.1 MB pdf)

Picture book of UCO Facilities (2/13, 1.7 MB pdf)

Charts of UCO Organization and Governance Structure ( 2/13, 90.8 KB pdf)

UCO Faculty Responsibilities List (9/12, v.5, 106.3 KB pdf)

UCO Advisory Committee Charter ( 7/12, 40.4 KB pdf)

UCO Advisory Committee Membership(8/12, 63.7 KB pdf)

UCO Board Charter (10/3/12, 87.2 KB pdf)

UCO Board Roster (2/13, 31.7 KB pdf)

Lick Observatory Newsletters

Education and Outreach Programs (2/13, 138.2 KB pdf)

UCO's Greatest Hits, a baker's dozen of great astronomical discoveries from UCO telescopes in the last two decades (2/13, 76.9 KB pdf)

Prizes and Awards won by UC Astronomers ( 2/13, 93.2 KB pdf)

List of Keck Instruments and Upgrades and Where Made (2/13, 72.1 KB pdf)

The MOSFIRE Infrared Spectrograph for Keck, a recent paper illustrating the size and scalel of Keck Instruments: McLean et al., Proceedings of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), v. 8446, id. 84469J, 2012 (1.4 MB pdf)

Results from the Questionaire Distributed to UCO Affiliated Faculty and Research Scientists, December 2012:
 Impact of UCO faciliites on coming to UC, retention, research choices (12/12, 41.5 KB pdf)
•  UCO usage, personal comments: education, outreach, and fund-raising (2/13, 145 KB pdf)
•  UCO usage, personal comments: full responses (12/12, 38 pages, 451 KB pdf)