08/14/2018: (UCLA) In a massive region of space, astronomers find far fewer galaxies than they expected

08/14/2018: (UC Riverside) Early Opaque Universe Linked to Galaxy Scarcity

07/13/2018: (UC Riverside) In Search of Dark Matter

07/13/2018: (UC Riverside) In Search of Dark Matter

06/26/2018: (UC Santa Cruz) ISEE receives presidential award for excellence in STEM mentoring.

06/14/2018: (UC Santa Cruz) Dust clouds can explain puzzling features of active galactic nuclei

06/06/2018: (Keck Observatory) More Mystery Objects Detected Near Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole

05/29/2018: (UC Santa Cruz) New model explains what we see when a massive black hole devours a star

05/07/2018: (UC Santa Cruz) Astronomers find an exoplanet atmosphere free of clouds

04/23/2018: (UC Santa Cruz) Face recognition for galaxies: Artificial intelligence brings new tools to astronomy

04/19/2018: (UC Riverside) UC Riverside Astrophysicist Part of TESS Planet Finder Team

04/19/2018: (UC Berkeley) Astronomy Congratulates Professor Eliot Quataert on being elected to the AAAS.

04/04/2018: (UC Santa Cruz) Astrophysicist Douglas Lin remembers Stephen Hawking

04/03/2018: (UCLA) A cosmic quirk helps astronomers pinpoint the farthest star ever seen

03/28/2018: (Keck Observatory) Dark Matter is a No Show in Ghostly Galaxy

03/27/2018: (UC Berkeley) Flash-in-the-pan supernovas explained

03/26/2018: (UC Irvine) Asteroid named after professor Virginia Trimble

03/15/2018: (UC Santa Barbara) Remembering Stephen Hawking - UCSB physicists reminisce about collaborating with the Cambridge legend

02/27/2018: (UC Berkeley) Amateur astronomer captures rare first light from massive exploding star

02/26/2018: (Keck Observatory) Stars Around the Milky Way: Cosmic Space Invaders or Victims of Galactic Eviction?

02/21/2018: (Keck Observatory) Astronomers Discover S0-2 Star is Single and Ready for Big Einstein Test

02/21/2018: (UC Santa Cruz) Novel search strategy advances the hunt for primordial black holes

02/21/2018: (Keck Observatory) Amateur Astronomer Captures Rare First Light of Massive Exploding Star

02/21/2018: (UC Berkeley) Better planetary management though data science

02/15/2018: (UC Santa Cruz) UCSC astronomer Alexie Leauthaud wins Sloan Research Fellowship

02/01/2018: (UC Irvine) Distant galaxy group contradicts common cosmological models, simulations

01/10/2018: (UC Santa Cruz) Earliest galaxies in the universe spin like the Milky Way

01/09/2018: (Keck Observatory) Planets around other stars are like peas in a pod

01/05/2018: (Keck Observatory) W.M. Keck Observatory achieves first light with NIRES

01/01/2018: (UC Santa Cruz) Supermassive black holes control star formation in large galaxies


12/20/2017: (Keck Observatory) Astronomers Shed Light on Formation of Black Holes and Galaxies

12/04/2017: (Keck Observatory) A new spin to solving mystery of stellar companions

12/11/2017: (UCSC) Physicist Tesla Jeltema probes the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy

11/20/2017: (UC Irvine) Christopher Barty named AAAS fellow

11/27/2017: (Keck Observatory) Newly Discovered Twin Planets Could Solve Puffy Planet Mystery

11/14/2017: (UC Berkeley) Puzzling new supernova may be from star producing antimatter

11/13/2017: (UC Berkeley) Selections Made for the JWST Director’s Discretionary Early Release Science Program

11/08/2017: (Keck Observatory) Astronomers discover a star that would not die

10/16/2017: (UC Santa Cruz) Astronomer Alexie Leauthaud wins prestigious Packard Fellowship

10/16/2017: (UC Davis) Colliding Neutron Stars Seen by Gravity Waves and Optical Telescopes

10/16/2017: (UC Berkeley) Astronomers strike cosmic gold

10/10/2017: (UC Santa Cruz) Lick Observatory hosts Latino students and parents for night of astronomy

09/18/2017: (UC Berkeley) #MeasureEarth: a world-wide experiment to determine whether Earth is flat or round

08/14/2017: (UC Davis) Astronomers Spy Supernova’s Giant Companion Star

08/09/2017: (Keck Observatory) Four Earth-Sized Planets Found Orbiting the Nearest Sun-Like Star

07/26/2017: (Keck Observatory) Scientists Get Best Measure of Star-Forming Material in Galaxy Clusters in Early Universe

07/20/2017: (UC Riverside) Scientists Get Best Measure of Star-forming Material in Galaxy Clusters in Early Universe

07/04/2017: (Keck Observatory) “Little Cub” Gives Astronomers Rare Chance to See Galaxy’s Demise

06/19/2017: (Keck Observatory) Unexpected classification of exoplanets discovered

06/13/2017: (UCSC) Astronomer Jerry Nelson, pioneering designer of large telescopes, dies at age 73

05/22/2017: (UC Davis) Synestia, a New Type of Planetary Object

05/17/2017: (UC Santa Cruz) Astronomer Sandra Faber awarded Gruber Cosmology Prize

05/04/2017: (Keck Observatory) Ripples in the cosmic web

04/27/2017: (UC Santa Cruz) Ripples in cosmic web measured using rare double quasars

04/21/2017: (Keck Observatory) W. M. Keck Observatory Captures Rare High-Resolution Images of Exploded Star

04/12/2017: (Keck Observatory) W. M. Keck Observatory Achieves First Light with KCWI

04/10/2017: (Keck Observatory) Primordial Galaxy Discovered, First of Its Kind

04/10/2017: (UC Davis) Long Ago and Far Away, an Average Galaxy

04/06/2017: (Keck Observatory) Ancient Galaxy sets new record

03/23/2017: (UC Santa Cruz) Astronomers observe early stages of Milky Way-like galaxies in distant universe

03/23/2017: (UC Santa Cruz) Universe's ultraviolet background provides clues about missing galaxies

03/03/2017: (UC Santa Cruz) Astronomer Ruth Murray-Clay appointed to chair in theoretical astrophysics

03/06/2017: (Keck Observatory) NASA Study Using Keck Telescope Hints at Possible Change in Water ‘Fingerprint’ of Comet

02/27/2017: (UC Santa Cruz) Vast luminous nebula poses a cosmic mystery

02/23/2017: (UC San Diego) UC San Diego Astrophysicists Contribute to Major Planet Discovery

02/13/2017: (Keck Observatory) Over 100 New Exoplanet Candidates Discovered With W. M. Keck Observatory

02/13/2017: (UC Santa Cruz) Astronomy team releases planet-search data, finds more than 100 candidates


12/09/2016: (UC Berkeley) Peering Back in Galactic Time

10/20/2016: (UC Berkeley) Long-term, hi-res tracking of eruptions on Jupiter’s moon Io

10/31/2016: (UC Davis) New Theory Explains How the Moon Got There

10/19/2016: (UC Santa Barbara) Physicist Andrea Young receives a 2016 Packard Fellowship to pursue his studies of van der Waals heterostructures

09/7/2016: (Keck Observatory) Rare Fossil Relic of Early Milky Way Discovered

08/24/2016: (Keck Observatory) Cosmic Neighbors Inhibit Star Formation, Even in the Early-Universe

08/7/2016: (Keck Observatory)Scientists Discover Massive Galaxy Made of 99.99 Percent Dark Matter

08/03/2016: (Keck Observatory) UCLA Astronomers Use Keck Observatory To Look Back 12 Billion Years And Measure Oxygen

08/18/2016: (Keck Observatory) More Than 100 Planets Confirmed In Single Trove

07/11/2016: (UC Santa Barbara) Researchers at UCSB blur the line between classical and quantum physics by connecting chaos and entanglement

06/20/2016: (Keck Observatory) Discovered: Youngest Fully-Formed Exoplanet Ever

06/06/2016: (UC Berkeley) Recent Faculty Discoveries Include Learning What's Under Jupiter's Clouds and the Most Precise Measurement of Universal Expansion to Date

06/02/2016: (Keck Observatory) Universe’s Expansion Is Faster Than Expected

05/19/2016: (UC Davis) Astronomers see Faintest, Further Galaxy

05/11/2016: (Keck Observatory) Four Synchronized Planets Reveal Clues To How Planets Form

04/25/2016: (UC Santa Barbara) Rare Earth Atoms See the Light

04/12/2016: (Keck Observatory) New Hypervelocity Binary Star Challenges Dark Matter, Stellar Acceleration Models

03/22/2016: (UC Riverside) UCR Student Traces Star Formation Rates In Distant Galaxies


12/16/13: (UC Berkeley) Novel instrument probes close binary stars, may soon image exoplanets

12/10/13: (UC Santa Cruz) Astrophysicists launch ambitious assessment of galaxy formation simulations

11/23/13: (USA today) Scientists close in on finding most far-out galaxies

10/14/13: (University of California) UC astronomer Ian McLean was presented with a lifetime achievement award at the Scientific Detector Workshop 2013 and gets asteroid named after him.

10/2/13: (UC Santa Cruz) Astronomers observe distant galaxy powered by primordial cosmic fuel

8/6/13: (UC Santa Cruz)Royal Astronomical Society honors astronomer Sandra Faber

7/25/13: Scientific Authorities Sign the TMT Master Agreement

6/25/13: Three Super-Earths Detected in Habitable Zone of Nearby Star

6/24/13: UC Adaptive Optics Featured on NPR

6/20/13: Dusty Surprise Discovered Around Black Hole

6/19/13: (LBNL) Supernova is Doubly Unusual for Being Perfectly Normal

6/5/13: Keck Scientists Strengthen Big Bang Theory

6/3/13: Lick Observatory: Music of the Spheres Draws Visitors

5/31/13: (UC Santa Cruz) Congressman Farr Honors Sandy Faber

5/24/13: (UC Irvine)Sizing Up Lightest Weight Dwarf Galaxy

5/24/13: (UC Santa Cruz) Detection of Cosmic Gamma Ray Horizon Measures All Light in Universe since Big Bang

5/24/13: Lick Observatory's 125th Anniversary: Front Page News

5/23/13: (UC Irvine) Fragile Mega-Galaxy is Missing Link in History of Cosmos

5/23/13: Lick Observatory Featured in History Channel's Science Behind Star Trek video (video link)

4/30/13: (LBNL) Does Antimatter Fall Up or Down?

4/29/13: Forbes Magazine Cites James Lick as All-Time Top Donor to Space Science (pdf)

4/18/13: (UC Santa Cruz) Distant Blazar is High-Energy Astrophysics Puzzle

4/13/13: TMT Site Approved by Hawaiian Board of Land & Natural Resources

4/3/13: Smithsonian Cites Lick and Keck Observatories in List of World's Greatest Science Labs

3/15/13: (University of California) Keck Observatory Celebrates 20th Anniversary

3/14/13: (LLNL/Keck) Astronomers Detect Water Vapor on Distant Planet

2/21/13: (UC Riverside) Naveen Reddy Awarded Sloan Research Fellowship

2/14/13: (UC Santa Cruz) Charlie Conroy Awarded Sloan Research Fellowship

1/23/13: (UC Santa Cruz) Mark Krumholz Awarded AAS Warner Prize

1/10/13: (UCB & UCSC) UCO Professors Alex Filippenko and Greg Laughlin Featured on new Weather Channel Series

1/9/13: (LBNL) Discovery of Most Distant Supernova Yet for Measuring Cosmic History

1/8/13: (UC Berkeley) Earth-size Planets Common in Galaxy

1/7/13: (UC Berkeley) Exocomets May be as Common as Exoplanets

1/2/13: (Keck Observatory) Surprise Pancake Structure in Andromeda Upends Galactic Understanding


12/21/12: (UC Santa Cruz) Sandra Faber to Receive National Medal of Science

12/20/12: (UC Santa Cruz) Closest Sun-like Star May Have Habitable Planet

12/12/12: (LLNL) Laser Provides New Explanation of Astrophysical Phenomenon

12/11/12: (Keck Observatory) Keck Week 2013 Commemorates Keck Observatory's 20th Anniversary

12/4/12: (LBNL) Moore Foundation Gives Big Boost to BigBOSS

11/13/12: (LBNL) BOSS Quasars Unveil New Era in Expansion History of the Universe

11/7/12: (UC Santa Cruz) New Super-Earth Discovered in Habitable Zone

10/31/12: (UCLA) Protoplanet Vesta: Forever Young?

10/24/12: (UCLA) Dark Matter Haloes May Contain Stars, Disproving Other Theories

10/22/12: (UCLA) Most Planetary Systems "Flatter than Pancakes"

10/22/12: (LLNL) Milky Way's Black Hole Getting Ready for Snack

10/19/12: (UC Santa Cruz) Astronomers Uncover Surprising Galaxy Evolution Trend

10/5/12: (UC Berkeley) Astronomers Receive Grants to Explore Evidence for Extraterrestrial Civilizations

10/4/12: (UCLA) Astronomers Discover Star Crucial to Understanding Time and Space around Black Hole

10/4/12: (Keck Observatory) UCLA Astronomers Discover Pivotal Star to Test Einstein's Theory

10/2/12: (UC Berkeley) Geoff Marcy to Deliver Discover Cal Lecture, "Discovering Other Earths," Nov. 14

10/2/12: (UC Berkeley) Alex Filippenko to Deliver Discover Cal Lecture, "Dark Energy and the Runaway Universe," Oct. 25

10/2/12: (UC Riverside) Astronomer Helps Children in Africa to Reach for the Stars

10/2/12: (UC Santa Cruz) Steve Vogt gives short video tour of Lick Observatory: At the Cutting Edge since 1888

9/17/12: (LBNL) Berkeley Lab Sensors Enable First Light for Dark Energy Camera

9/12/12: (UC Santa Cruz) Sandra Faber to Deliver 2012 Maitra Lecture October 3

8/23/12: (LBNL) First Direct Observation of Type 1a Supernova Progenitor System

8/23/12: (UC Santa Cruz) Lick Observatory 'BBQ with the Stars' Features Renowned UC Astronomers

8/21/12: (UC San Diego): Intense Bursts of Star Formation Drive Galactic Winds

8/8/12: (LBNL) First Public Release of BOSS Data

7/26/12: (Keck Observatory) MOSFIRE Goes On-sky and Fulfills High Hopes

6/4/12: (UC Santa Cruz) The Atlantic Features Lick Observatory in Historic Transit of Venus Article

6/1/12: (UC Santa Cruz) Sandra Faber Awarded Bruce Gold Medal

5/31/12: (UC Santa Cruz) Milky Way Destines for Head-on Collision

5/31/12: (UCLA) David Jewitt Awarded Shaw Prize and Kavli Prize in Same Week

5/16/12: (UC Santa Barbara) Three-telescope Interferometry Reveals how Black Holes are Fueled

4/12/12: (UCLA) "Time Machine" to Study Early Universe

4/3/12: (UC Berkeley) UC Berkeley Passes Management of Allen Telescope Array to SRI

4/2/12: (UC Santa Cruz) Kepler app Puts Distant Planets at your Fingertips

3/30/12: (LBL) Clocking an Accelerating Universe: First Results from BOSS

3/5/12: (UC Santa Barbara): Study Supports Theory of Extraterrestrial Impact

2/16/12: (Keck Observatory) MOSFIRE Arrives, Heralding New Era of IR Multislit Spectroscopy

2/13/12: (UC Santa Cruz) Steve Vogt to Give Faculty Research Lecture February 28

2/8/12: (UCLA): Nearby Companion Dwarf Galaxy Discovered

2/8/12: (UC Santa Cruz) New Images Capture "Stealth Merger" of Dwarf Galaxies    [View Images]

2/2/12: (UC Santa Cruz) New Super-earth Discovered in Habitable Zone of Nearby Star

1/19/12: (UCLA) Andrea Ghez Awarded 2012 Crafoord Prize in Astronomy

1/11/12: (UC Berkeley) Type Ia Supernovae Originally White Dwarfs

1/10/12: (UC Santa Cruz) Wandering Stars Give Clues to Milky Way's History

1/10/12: (UC Davis) Merging Galaxy Clusters Help Astronomers Understand Universe


12/19/11: (UC Santa Cruz) Jerry Nelson Awarded 2012 Franklin Medal for Electrical Engineering

12/16/11: (UC Santa Cruz) Pristine Gas Discovery among "Physics World's" Top Ten Breakthroughs of 2011

12/14/11: (UC Berkeley) Disaster Looms for Gas Cloud near Milky Way Black Hole

12/14/11: (LBNL) Supernova Observation Solves Cosmic Mystery

12/14/11: (UC Santa Barbara) "Supernova of a Generation" Discovered

12/5/11: (UC Santa Barbara) Fastest-Rotating Massive Star Discovered

12/5/11: (UC Berkeley) Record Massive Black Holes Discovered in Monster Galaxies

11/10/11: (UC Santa Cruz) Astronomers Spot Primordial Gas from Big Bang

10/25/11: (UC Santa Cruz)Steve Vogt Receives Academic Senate Faculty Research Lecturer Award

10/5/11: (UC Santa Cruz) Most Energetic Gamma Rays Ever Detected

10/4/11: (LBNL) Saul Perlmutter Wins Nobel Prize in Physics

10/5/11: (UC Berkeley) Survey Gives New Clues to Supernovae Origins

9/29/11: (UC Santa Cruz) Most Accurate Universe Simulation to Date

9/15/11: (UC Santa Barbara) First Discovery of Planet with Two Suns

9/15/11: (UC Santa Cruz) Small Distant Galaxies Host Supermassive Black Holes

9/14/11: (UC Irvine) Models Show that Dark Matter Packs a Punch

7/29/11: (UC Santa Cruz) New Milky Way Simulation Solves Old Problem

7/26/11: (UC Santa Cruz) Sandra Faber Elected Member of the Italian National Academy

6/24/11: (UC Santa Cruz)Rare California Condors Spotted at Lick Observatory

6/16/11: (UC Berkeley) Black Hole Eats Star, Producing Gamma-ray Flash

6/7/11: (UC Santa Cruz) Chancellor Blumenthal Receives Honorary Astrophysics Doctorate from Alma Mater

6/6/11: (UC Santa Cruz) President Obama Meets with UCSC's Jerry Nelson and other 2010 Kavli Prize Winners

6/1/11: (UC Berkeley) Marc Davis & His Team Win 2011 Gruber Prize for Cosmology

5/13/11: (Keck Observatory) SETI Survey Focuses on Top Earth-like Planets

3/23/11: (Keck Observatory) AO Facilitates Discovery of Coldest Star Candidate [Image detail]

3/3/11: (UC Berkeley) Life History of 4.5 Billion Year Old Meterorite

2/22/11: (UC Berkeley) How Asteroid Kleopatra Got its Moons

2/9/11: (Keck Observatory) Using Jupiter's Moon to Improve AO Observation

2/2/11: (UC Santa Barbara) Scientists Help NASA Find Earth-Size Planet Candidates

2/2/11: (UC Santa Cruz) Astronomers Analyze Remarkable Extrasolar System

2/1/11: (LBNL) BigBOSS Gets Go-Ahead to Build Biggest Galaxy-Redshift Map of the Universe

1/18/11: (UC Santa Cruz) Sandra Faber Awarded AAS 2011 Henry Norris Russell Lectureship

1/13/11: (UC Santa Barbara) Planck Mission Peels Back Layers of the Universe

1/13/11: (UC Berkeley) New Technique Could Pinpoint Galaxy X


10/28/10: (UC Berkeley) Studies Show that Solar Systems Like Ours May be Common

10/27/10: (UC Santa Cruz) Professor Greg Laughlin to Deliver Halliday Lecture, "Search for Other Earths"

10/19/10: (UC Santa Cruz) Mark Krumholz Wins NSF CAREER Award

10/19/10: (UCLA) Weird, Warm Spot on Exoplanet

9/29/10: (UC Santa Cruz) First Potentially Habitable Earth-Size Exoplanet Discovered

9/29/10: (Keck Observatory) Observations Lead to Discovery of First Potentially Habitable Exoplanet

9/21/10: (UCLA) Universal Primordial Magnetic Fields Discovered in Deep Space

9/14/10: (UCLA) Evidence of Stellar Cannibalism Found

9/12/10: (LLNL) Impacting Comets May Produce Amino Acids

9/10/10: (UC Berkeley) Astronomers Track Asteroids Impacting Jupiter

8/26/10: (UC Santa Barbara): Kepler Finds Multiple Planets Transiting Same Star

8/25/10: (UCLA): SOFIA to Solve Mysteries about our Galaxy

8/17/10: (Keck Observatory) NSF Awards $1.72 Million for Keck I Adaptive Optics Upgrade

7/29/10: (UC Berkeley) World-Renowned Astronomer Donald C. Backer Dies at Age 66

7/20/10: (UC Irvine) New Concept Could Refocus Search for ETs

6/3/10: (UC Santa Cruz) Jerry Nelson Awarded Prestigious Kavli Prize

5/25/10: (UC Berkeley) Sunlight Causes Asteroids to Split

5/24/10: (UC Santa Cruz) Physicists Track Comet Closest to Sun

5/21/10: (UC Santa Cruz) Astrophysicist Jonathan Fortney Awarded Urey Prize for Planetary Research

5/20/10: (UC Irvine) Brightest Galaxies Cluster in Busiest Parts of Universe

5/19/10: (UC Berkeley) Possible New Class of Supernova Puts Calcium in Bones

5/18/10: (UC Santa Barbara) Unique Eclipsing Binary Star System Discovered

4/29/10: (UC Santa Barbara) Public Astronomy Lecture "Hot Results on Cool Galaxies"

4/19/10: (UC Berkeley) Geoff Marcy Elected to American Academy's Fellow & Honorary Members

4/21/10: (LBNL) World's Best Supernova Dataset used in Search for Dark Energy

4/15/10: (UC San Diego) Light Reflected off the Moon Dimmed by Dust

4/13/10: (UC Santa Barbara) Discovery of 9 Planets Challenges Planet Formation Theory

3/31/10: (Keck Observatory) "Light Echoes" Provide New View of Historical Supernova

3/22/10: (UC Berkeley) Helium Rain Explains Lack of Neon in Jupiter's Atmosphere

3/17/10: (UC Santa Barbara) International Team of Scientists Discovers New Planet

3/15/10: (UC Santa Cruz) Hubble Treasury Project to Survey First Third of Cosmic Time

3/10/10: (UC Berkeley) Study Validates General Relativity, Dark Matter

3/3/10: (UC Santa Cruz) Garth Illingworth Awarded Honorary Degree by UWA

3/1/10: (UC Davis) Dark Matter Used to Measure Age of Universe

3/1/10: (UC Santa Barbara) Gravitational Lensing Measures Size and Age of Universe

2/25/10: (UCLA) Dark Matter Conference Highlights New Research

2/18/10: (UC Berkeley) Extrasolar Planet Images Win Award for Most Outstanding Paper in Science

2/18/10: (UCLA) WISE Mission Releases First Images

2/17/10: (UC Santa Cruz) Jonathan Fortney Awarded Sloan Research Fellowship

1/29/10: (UC San Diego) Renowned Astrophysicist Geoffrey Burbidge Dies at 84

1/20/10: (UC Santa Barbara)Tommaso Treu Awarded Newton Lacy Pierce Prize by AAS

1/19/10: (LBL) Gravitational Lensing has Potential to Measure Dark Matter

1/7/10: (Keck) New Tidal Streams Found in Andromeda Reveal History of Galactic Mergers

1/7/10: (Keck Observatory) Second Smallest Exoplanet Discovered

1/6/10: (UCLA) Astronomers Map Shape of Galactic Dark Matter

1/4/10: (UC Santa Cruz) Hubble Uncovers Primordial Galaxies Never Seen Before

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