The Summer Visitors Program at Lick Observatory is now finished for the year.

Thank you to all who attended for your continued support of Lick Observatory. To sign up for advanced ticket opportunities for the 2015 series, join the Friends of Lick Observatory (FOLO) program.

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Astronomers Create First 3-D Map of the 'Adolescent' Universe

Astronomer Claire Max Appointed Interim Director of UC Observatories

Renowned Astronomer Harland Epps to be Honored at ‘Harfest’ Conference Sept. 23-24

Next-Generation Thirty Meter Telescope Begins Construction in Hawaii

Astronomers detect two planets orbiting nearby ancient star

Lick's Automated Planet Finder: First robotic telescope for planet hunters

When a black hole shreds a star, a bright flare tells the story

Distant quasar illuminates a filament of the cosmic web

UCSC astronomers discover ultra-bright young galaxies

World's most powerful exoplanet camera looks skyward

Novel instrument probes close binary stars, may soon image exoplanets

Astrophysicists launch ambitious assessment of galaxy formation simulations

Scientists close in on finding most far-out galaxies

Astronomer Ian McLean was presented with a lifetime achievement award at the Scientific Detector Workshop 2013 and gets asteroid named after him

Astronomers observe distant galaxy powered by primordial cosmic fuel

Royal Astronomical Society honors astronomer Sandra Faber

Scientific Authorities Sign the TMT Master Agreement

3 Super-earths Detected in Habitable Zone of Nearby Planet

UC Adaptive Optics Featured on NPR

Dusty Surprise Discovered Around Black Hole

Supernova is Doubly Unusual for Being Perfectly Normal

Keck Scientists Strengthen Big Bang Theory

Sizing Up Lightest Weight Dwarf Galaxy

Congressman Farr Honors Sandy Faber

Keck Scientists Strengthen Big Bang Theory

San Jose Merc's Top Story: Lick Observatory

Fragile Mega-Galaxy is Missing Link in History of Cosmos

Lick Observatory Featured in History Channel's Science Behind Star Trek video (video link)

Prizes & Awards Won By UC Astronomers

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Featured Stories & Links

Nearby Star First Known to Host Several super-Earths in Habitable Zone: Reanalysis of data from Keck and other observatories combined with data from ESO's HARPS has led to the discovery of the first extrasolar planetary system with three potentially habitable super-earths. [Press release]  [Read paper]  [Images & Movies]

San Jose Mercury Features Lick Observatory on Front Page: Staff journalist takes a tour in honor of Lick's 125th year of pioneering explorations of the night sky. [Read article]  [Take Photo Tour]

Lick Observatory and the Science Behind Star Trek: The History Channel interviews UC Berkeley professors Alex Filippenko and Geoff Marcy and features footage of Lick Observatory. Tune in for this exploration of the science of space travel, extrasolar planets, and warp drive. "Fascinating," according to Spock fans. [View Star Trek Secrets of the Universe]

Lick and Keck Observatories Cited on Smithsonian's List of World's Greatest Science Labs [See List and Commentary]